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Various Stages is our pioneering research & development programme opening up the creative process to artists, promoters and audiences.

It’s an ongoing programme of open calls, workshops, public showcases, discussions, feedback sessions and mentoring opportunities.

If you would like to be involved in Various Stages then look out for our open calls.

The work I create cannot be made without the workshops which happen at Various Stages. As a composer I need to learn how the minds and bodies of the performers work by being with them and feel how my music and words work in real time and space.
Jamie Man, composer and Various Stages artist

Lost in Thought credit Carys Lavin

I have a strong belief that the process will create the end piece of work. And my main interest is in process towards transformation.
Nwando Ebizie, Various Stages Festival 2020 Artist

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Meet Me @ Mahogany: A New Sound
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Various Stages | News | Events & Performances

A New Sound
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Various Stages | News | Meet Me @ Mahogany | Events & Performances

Meet Me @ Mahogany: The Great Learning
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Various Stages | Commissioning | Meet Me @ Mahogany | Events & Performances

Meet Me @ Mahogany: Out Of Her Mouth
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Various Stages | Meet Me @ Mahogany | Events & Performances

Meet Me @ Mahogany featuring Kyiv theatre collective Hooligan Art Community
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Various Stages | News

Mahogany Opera supports Hooligan Art Community
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We seek to break down barriers, work outside conventional constructs and offer space for a multiplicity of voices. Your donation can help us to find new ways of telling stories, and making opera for the here and now.

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