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A New Sound

A day of creativity and connection for artists making work in Scotland

Tuesday 20th February 2024
10:00 - 17:00
Project Room 1.06, The University of Edinburgh, 50 George Square Edinburgh EH8 9JU

We are living at a time of extraordinary crisis. What can we do collectively to pick a path through the current uncertainty? Join us for a day of creative discussion with other makers of multi-disciplinary and music driven performance to identify how we overcome barriers and envision a future together.

The day supports Mahogany Opera's aim to build our networks in Scotland, as we develop the next phase of our pioneering research & development programme, Various Stages.

A New Sound is for artists in the field of opera, music theatre and music driven performance who live or work in Scotland. The day will take place at Project Room 1.06 (The University of Edinburgh), led by Mahogany Opera, Edinburgh Futures Institute, and Snap - Elastic.


Finding Common Ground
Introductory and closing sessions led by Frederic Wake-Walker, Mahogany Opera

What burning questions, ideas and concerns would you like to explore today? Through movement, singing and writing exercises inspired by Mahogany’s recent Great Learning project, we will come together as a group, gather expectations and themes, collectively define the communal threads of the day and formulate some key actions and principles to take away with us.

Being a freelance artist making music and theatre can often feel like a lonely or isolated place to be. Let’s find some solace in sharing and strength in community.

How to Get Things Going with the Skills You Already Have

A Self - Producing Workshop with Snap - Elastic

Eszter Marsalko and Claire Willoughby of Snap-Elastic will lead a workshop aimed at artists interested in self producing, to unpack how best to get started and realise your work. How can we support each other and pool our resources at a time when they are most scarce? In this workshop, we will connect with our inner Artist, and explore the ways in which those creative intuitions can best serve us, and our community as a whole.

Utopia Lab

Session led by Jennifer Williams, Edinburgh Futures Institute

Utopia Labs are ‘no-spaces’, places where everyone is welcome to join us in dreaming futures that inspire our experience of the present. In this session, we will be dreaming about the future of opera and art-making: what is your utopian vision? What do you want for your own work in the future, and how do you envisage the community and artform in 10 years, 50 years, 100 years? What can we learn about these desires and imagined futures that can influence how we act and create today? What does it mean to make work that can change the way we think and behave, that can encourage us to think about the world in new ways, that can inspire and support positive change... and also be a wonder to behold?

Utopia is movement, meditation, poetry and imagination - you can participate in ways that feel good for you! For more information about Utopia Labs, please see our website: https://blogs.ed.ac.uk/utopialab/

A more detailed schedule will be distributed to attendees a few days before the event.


This is a free event and there is a small amount of financial support available for those who would only be able to attend if their travel or childcare costs were covered.

For full details and to book your place, visit Eventbrite HERE.


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