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We believe that music and theatre can create a space where everyone is equal, where everyone is free to express themselves and to dream. The communal experience of performance is at the heart of what we do; bringing people together to spark a shared imagination.

Our work aims to share the power and joy of live music and theatre, demonstrating that opera can play a meaningful role in people’s lives.

Our Values

Our values underpin our vision of opera as an inclusive, collaborative and dynamic artform and sustain us in our mission to stretch the boundaries of what opera can be and who it is for. They stem from both the working practices we’ve developed over the years and our aspirations for the future:

We are artist-led
We are guided by artists, by their ideas and their lines of enquiry. We consider everyone who actively participates in our work to be an artist. We create structures that are flexible and responsive to meet the ambitions of our artists while operating on a scale that connects us meaningfully to the communities and contexts within which we work. We aim to be a creative space for sharing knowledge and experiences.

We are people-centred
Care and inclusivity are key principles for the way we work. We aim to create safe, supportive working environments which enable trust, creativity and fun. We recruit as much as possible by open call and we try to remove barriers for disabled and minoritised artists, as well as making our performances and events as accessible as possible for audiences. We value the process as much as the product. We are transparent about fees and pay people promptly.

Our work is a collaborative process
We are continually exploring new ways of working and searching for new creative relationships while striving to enrich our existing knowledge and collaborations. We test ourselves with a thoughtful and considered approach, learning from others and sharing our research and discoveries with both rigour and playfulness.

We actively seek to break down barriers
We push against traditional norms, often working outside conventional constructs, opening up access to our work, offering space for diverse perspectives and a multiplicity of voices and collaborating across borders. We stand up against racism and all forms of discrimination.

We are committed to sustainability
Awareness of and efforts to reduce our environmental impact are embedded in everything we do. We take an ethical stance on our income streams, favour purpose-based relationships over transactional ones and develop on-going relationships with our partners. We strive to take a long view on our collaborations, outcomes and impact.

Our values are open and responsive
We stay true to ourselves, while being open to challenge and change. We question ourselves, listen to others and reflect on our experiences in order to improve our practice and stay connected with the most recent developments. We are in a continual state of renewal, always full of potential, searching for new means of expression and new visions of the future.

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Mahogany Opera exists today because of the generosity of our supporters. People who help to create and to sustain and who bridge the gap between project funding and delivery costs.

Please consider joining us to help support and continue our work.

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