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Chil­dren from Old­fleet Pri­ma­ry School in Hull per­form The Mag­i­cal Music Tree


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Jaimie, a year 4 pupil from Oldfleet Primary School in Hull, shares what it was like to be involved in a Snappy Opera performance.

Well, what a magnificent day!

A time to remember as I was greeted by some thrilled, young year threes spread around the sides of the hall, staring, waiting for us to bring the magic. We truly brought it into them making their eyes sparkle like a diamond, smiles beaming like the glorious sunshine in summer.

We spent ages practising for this noteworthy day. We put lots of effort and care into learning the songs and making the props. It was an amazing opportunity to work with the brilliant Snappy Operas team. It took extreme precision to cut out the scales for the fish. When all of the other children were learning, we lined up, went to the hall in our fabulous costumes and started our Snappy Operas project.

We all stood in the dining hall waiting in anticipation until we went on the stage. When we got there, I got slightly nervous since there were so many people. We took our places and waited patiently. When I looked at what seemed like a large audience, I felt a wave of emotions wash over me even though I was hyper. When Graziana started to play the music, I knew we were starting. It was exhilarating performing with the orchestra. They are amazing! While we were performing, I tried to use my facial expressions in every moment when being a fish. It was really fun!

All in all, I adored the Snappy Opera project! I would love to do it again and try out the different Operas! It was a pleasure to work with the friendly, exciting Mahogany Opera team and it has got me into singing and playing instruments. I would recommend it to anyone who likes singing since all of the words are singing.

By Jaimie
Year 4, Oldfleet Primary School, Hull

Pupils from Year 4 at Oldfleet Primary School in Hull performed The Magical Music Tree as part of a Year of Snappy Operas 2021-22.

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